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    Barbara Liau


    Bytes by @uidotdev is one of the few tech newsletters I actually look forward to reading.

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    Literally the only newsletter I’m waiting for every week.

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    Very few newsletters manage to be useful and not very boring. @uidotdev manages to achieve these pretty effortlessly. You can almost see Tyler chuckle as he writes them.

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    Augustine C


    Bytes is a great newsletter for #UI folks. It is itself a showcase of awesome UX. Language feels like it's speaking to a friend.

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    Jake Kenneally


    Big fan of @uidotdev's newsletter Bytes for staying current on the what's happening with all the the tech I use every day at work and on side projects.

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    Patrick Coffey


    @uidotdev makes an outstanding JS newsletter. Subscribe now, if you dare! :-)

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    Lucas Burdell


    Bytes keeps me informed of all the new fun things constantly coming out in the JS landscape! Love it!

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    Umair Ahmed


    Bytes is such a great newsletter by @uidotdev. It's so light yet packed with so much amazing stuff. Great work!

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    Jeff Feiwell


    One of the best new JS newsletters from @uidotdev. Subscribe!

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    Did you know the creator of Babel has created a new tool for linting, testing, and bundling called Rome? Bytes is full of cool bits and is a must-read for UI devs. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Avatar for @NerdCowboy

    Brent Larson


    Bytes from @uidotdev is probably one of the best dev newsletters out there. I look forward to the "spot the bug" section every week.

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    Favorite new newsletter, Bytes, by @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @kevinguebert

    Kevin Guebert


    One of the best coding newsletters out there.

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    Chris Heninger


    If you’re not subscribed to @tylermcginnis’ newsletter Bytes... you’re missing out. Every single email I’ve received has had a bit that made me chuckle 😃.

  • Avatar for @JohnHawly

    John Hawley


    Bytes has been my favorite newsletter since its inception. It's my favorite thing I look forward to on Mondays. Goes great with a hot cup of coffee!

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    Grayson Hicks


    Bytes is the developer newsletter I most look forward to each week. Great balance of content and context! Thanks @uidotdev.

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    I am enjoying @uidotdev's Bytes newsletter. They are packed with a lot of insightful news about JS. The choice of text font and color is Hundred points symbol. Well curated and presented.

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    Dávid Lévai


    I've read Bytes newsletter for 1.5 months now. This is one of the best curated tech newsletter IMO. I really like the tone of it.

  • Avatar for @shadibarhoumi

    Shadi Barhoumi


    Bytes by is hands down the best advanced Javascript and React curriculum I have ever seen!

  • Avatar for @kaushikshetty48

    Kaushik Shetty


    If you're into web development or a wannabe web developer like me, I'd suggest you to subscribe to Bytes by @uidotdev. It packs important and relevant information that you'd want to keep up to date with, while keeping things light and easy to understand.

  • Avatar for @CarloTeran

    Carlo Teran


    The JavaScript world is constantly moving - A great way to stay on top of it is by subscribing to the newsletter Bytes by @uidotdev... IMO very few people have the ability to explain JavaScript like @tylermcginnis

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    Subscribe to Bytes! A fun, lighthearted newsletter that covers everything you need to know about the present and future of the amazing JavaScript ecosystem!

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    Ronnie Villarini


    #Bytes is the coolest newsletter you're not subscribed to. 🔥

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    A helpful weekly overview of JavaScript development news from @tylermcginnis / @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @a_b_r_o_w_n

    Andy Brown


    Looking for a good way to start your week? Check out the Bytes newsletter. Short, informative, and even a bit funny snapshots covering current events in the web dev world.

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    Brandon Everett


    Love getting my dose of Javascript/React from @uidotdev. They always keep me up to date with what's going on

  • Avatar for @rembrandtreyes

    Rembrandt Reyes


    I enjoy Bytes, they're short reads that keep me in the loop. I appreciate your work @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @garrettgreen

    Garrett Green


    I subscribe to A LOT of dev (especially JS/TS/Node) newsletters and Bytes by @uidotdev is always such a welcomed, enjoyable change of pace to most (funny, lighthearted, etc) but still comprehensive/useful.

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    The sense of humor and structure of the Bytes Newsletter is first class and the information that comes with it is enough to make a mini course.

  • Avatar for @thefinnomenon

    Chris Finn


    Every JavaScript programmer should be subscribed to the newsletter from @uidotdev. Not only do they manage to succinctly cover the hot news in the JavaScript world for the week but it they manage to add a refreshing humor to it all.

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    The only JS newsletter that pumps up your dev know-how bit by bit. Check out Bytes by @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @ElleC49

    Elle Chavez


    "Like your boyfriend in High School, React 17 is a “stepping stone” to future upgrades." 😂. Enjoying these Bytes

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    Yuri Khamzyaev


    @uidotdev's newsletter is great as usual, concentrated excerpts from the current state of front-end tech.

  • Avatar for @mcjoejoe0911

    Jordan Gardner


    I'm loving @uidotdev's bytes newsletter! Great info to keep me updated.

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    Mike D'Agruma


    Great newsletter from @tylermcginnis and @uidotdev. Even if you don't subscribe to the courses (you should), these are nice little dev industry tidbits.

  • Avatar for @barrymcgee

    Barry McGee


    The latest news, informally relayed 👌

  • Avatar for @MaxJacobson12

    Max Jacobsen


    If you're a web developer and don't want to have to keep up on what's happening in the world of tech, this newsletter by @uidotdev basically does all the reading for you so you can just take a glimpse at what the cool kids are talking about these days.

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    Easilly my favorite JS Newsletter if anyone needs one. Short, sweet, light tone. Thanks for something I actually read instead of a perpetual save for later.

  • Avatar for @NataliaShelley1

    Natalia Shelley


    Finally, to-the-point updates of the industry in one place

  • Avatar for @billgloff

    Bill Gloff


    "Bytes" by Tyler McGinnis is a great frontend newsletter you should definitely subscribe to.