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Bytes is the most loved JavaScript newsletter on the planet. We combine technical news, humor, and storytelling in a way that creates a one of a kind newsletter that developers actually look forward to reading.

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    This is the first ever newsletter that I open a music playlist for and maximize my browser window just to read it in peace. Kudos to @uidotdev for great weekly content.

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    John Hawley


    Bytes has been my favorite newsletter since its inception. It’s my favorite thing I look forward to on Mondays. Goes great with a hot cup of coffee!

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    Grayson Hicks


    Bytes is the developer newsletter I most look forward to each week. Great balance of content and context! Thanks @uidotdev.

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    I am enjoying @uidotdev’s Bytes newsletter. They are packed with a lot of insightful news about JS. The choice of text font and color is 💯. Well curated and presented.

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    Dávid Lévai


    I’ve read Bytes newsletter for 1.5 months now. This is one of the best curated tech newsletter IMO. I really like the tone of it.

  • Avatar for @shadibarhoumi

    Shadi Barhoumi


    Bytes by is hands down the best advanced Javascript and React curriculum I have ever seen!

  • Avatar for @kaushikshetty48

    Kaushik Shetty


    If you’re into web development or a wannabe web developer like me, I’d suggest you to subscribe to Bytes by @uidotdev. It packs important and relevant information that you’d want to keep up to date with, while keeping things light and easy to understand.

  • Avatar for @CarloTeran

    Carlo Teran


    The JavaScript world is constantly moving - A great way to stay on top of it is by subscribing to the newsletter Bytes by @uidotdev... IMO very few people have the ability to explain JavaScript like @tylermcginnis

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    Subscribe to Bytes! A fun, lighthearted newsletter that covers everything you need to know about the present and future of the amazing JavaScript ecosystem!

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    Ronnie Villarini


    #Bytes is the coolest newsletter you’re not subscribed to. 🔥

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    A helpful weekly overview of JavaScript development news from @tylermcginnis / @uidotdev.

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    Andy Brown


    Looking for a good way to start your week? Check out the Bytes newsletter. Short, informative, and even a bit funny snapshots covering current events in the web dev world.

  • Avatar for @bme2010

    Brandon Everett


    Love getting my dose of Javascript/React from @uidotdev. They always keep me up to date with what’s going on

  • Avatar for @rembrandtreyes

    Rembrandt Reyes


    I enjoy Bytes, they’re short reads that keep me in the loop. I appreciate your work @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @flybayer

    Brandon Bayer


    The Bytes newsletter is a work of art! It’s the only dev newsletter I’m subscribed too. They somehow take semi boring stuff and infuse it with just the right amount of comedy to make you chuckle.

  • Avatar for @garrettgreen

    Garrett Green


    I subscribe to A LOT of dev (especially JS/TS/Node) newsletters and Bytes by @uidotdev is always such a welcomed, enjoyable change of pace to most (funny, lighthearted, etc) but still comprehensive/useful.

  • Avatar for @_amdaniel_



    The sense of humor and structure of the Bytes Newsletter is first class and the information that comes with it is enough to make a mini course.

  • Avatar for @thefinnomenon

    Chris Finn


    Every JavaScript programmer should be subscribed to the newsletter from @uidotdev. Not only do they manage to succinctly cover the hot news in the JavaScript world for the week but it they manage to add a refreshing humor to it all.

  • Avatar for @ohhheyyyyyy



    The only JS newsletter that pumps up your dev know-how bit by bit. Check out Bytes by @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @ElleC49

    Elle Chavez


    “Like your boyfriend in High School, React 17 is a “stepping stone” to future upgrades.” 😂. Enjoying these Bytes

  • Avatar for @walkeryr

    Yuri Khamzyaev


    @uidotdev's newsletter is great as usual, concentrated excerpts from the current state of front-end tech.

  • Avatar for @mcjoejoe0911

    Jordan Gardner


    I’m loving @uidotdev’s bytes newsletter! Great info to keep me updated.

  • Avatar for @mdagruma

    Mike D'Agruma


    Great newsletter from @tylermcginnis and @uidotdev. Even if you don’t subscribe to the courses (you should), these are nice little dev industry tidbits.

  • Avatar for @barrymcgee

    Barry McGee


    The latest news, informally relayed 👌

  • Avatar for @MaxJacobson12

    Max Jacobsen


    If you’re a web developer and don’t want to have to keep up on what’s happening in the world of tech, this newsletter by @uidotdev basically does all the reading for you so you can just take a glimpse at what the cool kids are talking about these days.

  • Avatar for @115bwm



    Easilly my favorite JS Newsletter if anyone needs one. Short, sweet, light tone. Thanks for something I actually read instead of a perpetual save for later.

  • Avatar for @NataliaShelley1

    Natalia Shelley


    Finally, to-the-point updates of the industry in one place

  • Avatar for @billgloff

    Bill Gloff


    “Bytes” by Tyler McGinnis is a great frontend newsletter you should definitely subscribe to.

  • Avatar for @barbaraliau

    Barbara Liau


    Bytes by @uidotdev is one of the few tech newsletters I actually look forward to reading.

  • Avatar for @mhashim6_



    Literally the only newsletter I’m waiting for every week.

  • Avatar for @nullish2



    Very few newsletters manage to be useful and not very boring. @uidotdev manages to achieve these pretty effortlessly. You can almost see Tyler chuckle as he writes them.

  • Avatar for @augvcor

    Augustine C


    Bytes is a great newsletter for #UI folks. It is itself a showcase of awesome UX. Language feels like it’s speaking to a friend.

  • Avatar for @jakeapher

    Jake Kenneally


    Big fan of @uidotdev’s newsletter Bytes for staying current on the what’s happening with all the the tech I use every day at work and on side projects.

  • Avatar for @patcof

    Patrick Coffey


    @uidotdev makes an outstanding JS newsletter. Subscribe now, if you dare! :-)

  • Avatar for @optic_net

    Lucas Burdell


    Bytes keeps me informed of all the new fun things constantly coming out in the JS landscape! Love it!

  • Avatar for @umair170

    Umair Ahmed


    Bytes is such a great newsletter by @uidotdev. It’s so light yet packed with so much amazing stuff. Great work!

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    Jeff Feiwell


    One of the best new JS newsletters from @uidotdev. Subscribe!

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    Did you know the creator of Babel has created a new tool for linting, testing, and bundling called Rome? Bytes is full of cool bits and is a must-read for UI devs. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Avatar for @NerdCowboy

    Brent Larson


    Bytes from @uidotdev is probably one of the best dev newsletters out there. I look forward to the “spot the bug” section every week.

  • Avatar for @nickdefa



    Favorite new newsletter, Bytes, by @uidotdev.

  • Avatar for @kevinguebert

    Kevin Guebert


    One of the best coding newsletters out there.

  • Avatar for @chrisheninger

    Chris Heninger


    If you’re not subscribed to @tylermcginnis’ newsletter Bytes... you’re missing out. Every single email I’ve received has had a bit that made me chuckle 😃.