Hot Node features near you

Issue #285.May 2, 2024.2 Minute read.

Today’s issue: How to print music with CSS Grid, Celtic swear words, and Svelte 5 gets one step closer to the edge and I’m about to break.

Welcome to #285.

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Node after stealing five more Bun features

Hot Node features near you

The past couple years of Node.js releases have felt a lot like the past couple years of Marvel releases – predictable, safe, and focused on preserving the health of the franchise.

So why is everyone suddenly talking about last week’s Node 22 release like it’s the original Iron Man?

Because for the first time in a while, it’s packed with some awesome new features you’ll actually notice in your day-to-day work:

  • Experimental require() support for ESM graphs lets you import an ES Module in Common JS and have it just work, which will eventually help eliminate CJS entirely

  • Stable Watch Mode enables you to use node --watch to restart the process when an imported file is changed, without needing to use any external tools

  • Experimental task runner lets you execute package.json scripts by using node --run, instead of needing to use npm, Yarn, or Bun

Bottom Line: Before you email me, please know that I am fully aware that Bun has already had these features for months. But all’s fair in love and runtime wars – so here’s hoping that this friendly competition continues making the Node ecosystem better for all of us.



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When you try to hand-roll auth

Future-proof your auth with Stytch

It gives you everything you need to build scalable auth and security – so your team can spend less time hacking together different solutions.

BUt hOw iS It dIfFerEnT fRoM aLL the oThEr aUtH ProVidERs? It turns out there’s a lot, which is why Stytch wrote you this deep dive comparison article. Here’s a quick TLDR:

  • All-in-one approach saves time and complexity by giving you auth, device fingerprinting, and bot detection in a single platform

  • Custom B2B enterprise solution comes with built-in multi-tenancy and a unique data model that lets you customize settings for each organization

  • API-first flexibility lets you fully customize which auth factors you want via a simple API call

Try out Stytch if you’re ready for a more powerful auth solution – and see why it’s loved by companies like Zapier, Groq, and Replit.

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Sponsored by Callstack

They’re hosting React Universe Conf in September with speakers like Evan Bacon, Kent C. Dodds, Monica Restrepo, and more. Get your early bird ticket.

If you’re like me, you use one of these strategies for logging a value to the console.

const name = 'Tyler'

console.log('name', name) // name Tyler
console.log('HERE', name) // HERE Tyler
console.log('sefkjse', name) // sefkjse Tyler
console.log('wakawaka', name) // wakawaka Tyler

Believe it or not, there’s a better way and it utilizes object destructuring.

const name = 'Tyler'

console.log({ name }) // {name: 'Tyler'}


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Cool Bits

  1. The Popover API is now fully supported across browsers, and I can’t wait to use it to build pop-ups for sketchy websites that help you find Hot Node features near you 🔥

  2. In honor of World Password Day, FusionAuth created this Interactive History of Passwords – starting with the encryption tools used by ancient Egyptians in 3900 BC, all the way up to your Aunt Josephine getting her Quora password hacked (again) last week. Maybe it’s time to retire passwords for good? [sponsored]

  3. The fittingly named Stephen Band wrote about Printing music with CSS Grid and how he created Scribe to render music notation in HTML.

  4. The Svelte 5 Release Candidate just dropped, which means we’re getting one step closer to the edge and I’m about to break using it in production.

  5. Zachary Lee wrote this overview of Native support for CJS/ESM interop in Node 22, in case you want to dive a little deeper.

  6. Threlte is a 3D framework that combines Three.js with Svelte. After asking my Grandma about it, I’m pretty sure it’s also a swear word in Celtic.

  7. React Aria just had a big release that includes submenus, 7 new color picker components, a typed client-side router integration, and more.

  8. CarbonQA provides high-quality QA services for dev teams, so you never have to waste engineering time on QA testing ever again. Their US-based QA testers will break your app repeatedly, so that your developers (or users) don’t have to worry about it. [sponsored]

  9. Prosopo wrote about Using Vite to rebuild local dependencies in an npm workspace.

  10. useHooks is a collection of modern, server-safe hooks that we created just for you. Not for your coworkers, not for your Celtic grandma, not for the 130k projects that download it every week – just you.